Steak Braai Tips

Beef must be thawed before it is grilled.  Remove the meat from the freezer at least a day before use and leave it to thaw in the refrigerator in its wrapping.

Meat should be taken from the fridge at least 30 minutes before grilling.

If preferred, brush either the meat or the grill with a little cooking oil to prevent the meat from sticking to the grill.

Beef cut 2 cm thick should be placed about 10 cm from the coals.

Grill steaks as quickly as possible without scorching the meat.  Sausages, kebabs and sosaties on the other hand, have to be grilled slowly.

Grill steaks on one side until brown and loose on grid, turn and finish grilling.

Do not use a fork or sharp object to turn the meat since it causes loss of meat juices.  Rather use meat tongs.

Cook meat in the correct order, for example steaks should be cooked last, since they toughen if not served immediately.

Sausages can be kept warm successfully and can be cooked first.  Remember to reduce the cooking time of meat that is to be kept warm.

Spices and herbs should be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm the flavour.

Sprinkle with salt just before serving – if salted too early it draws out the juices, resulting in dry and tough meat.  Serve immediately otherwise it becomes tough.



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