Braai – 100% part and parcel of the South African household.

Andre Morgenthal from WOSA put it best when he wrote the following:

“Preparing food on the open fire is not totally unique to South Africa, but the braai is definitely 100% part and parcel of the South African household.  We don’t only braai on weekends or “special occasions”.  I know people who braai over lunch time, with an umbrella when the weather is bad and even early in the morning.  Because we can, the fire is welcoming and we like it.  This is intrinsically part of a South African experience and should be mandatory on visitors’ itineraries.”



3 Responses to “Braai – 100% part and parcel of the South African household.”

  1. tillybud Says:

    It’s what I miss most about SA. The first time we were invited to a barbecue in Britain and saw the hamburgers and frozen sausages, we almost laughed out loud.


  2. “Braai” in South African terms is slang for: “Let’s hang out and have a great time!” There is NO better smell than a steak braai-ing away on an open fire especially if it is made from Kareedoring wood. I will remain a true blood SA inhabitant just for our BRAAIS!!!!

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