Predictions for the meaningless test – SA vs Wales


The South Africans were able to finalise their team – essentially a pick-up team – only on the Thursday before the match. It was always going to be a pick-up team for this strangely timed Test, a week after a harsh Super 14 Final which punished most of the country’s top players, but then to have Butch James withdrawn from the squad because of the insistence of England’s Premier Rugby that he rest.

Rugby365 prediction: Wales to win by 10 or more.

My call is that Saru is killing the goose that lays the golden egg by this useless and meaningless ( lose-lose) test. So I think the prediction is probably spot-on.



2 Responses to “Predictions for the meaningless test – SA vs Wales”

  1. The predictions were wrong…Have more faith in our SA boys!!!

    • Rudi- You’re right.
      Next time I’ll have a bit more faith. But the French is going to be a tough one.
      What is you’re call on the weekend’s game?

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