What to braai with the French Test?

The weekend is jam packed with sport and Friday , after Bafana has roasted the Mexicans, we will braai Mexican Style steak ( and a few mielies on the braai).

On Saturday the Boks take on the French and unfortunately frog legs will not fit on my braai and I’m not in the mood for chicken (aka The French cockerel). So we will refer back the trusted Chops, Wors and Pap.

But did you know that the word ‘barbeque’ (close relative of the word ‘braai’) has a possible French origin.

The story goes that French visitors to the Caribbean saw a pig being cooked whole and described the method as barbe à queue, meaning “from beard to tail”. The French word for barbecue is also barbecue, and the “beard to tail” explanation is regarded as false by most language experts.

Another claim states that the word BBQ came from the time when roadhouses and beer joints with pool tables advertised “Bar, Beer and Cues”. According to this tale, the phrase was shortened over time to BBCue, then BBQ.

But who cares about where it originated, this weekend it is sport, braai and just lekker kuier.


2 Responses to “What to braai with the French Test?”

  1. Ah, well I have made the Bafana Bafana Achar, already.
    So as we have had suffice of chicken and fish, I decided to do a Lemon and dill, Pork fillet, with Boerie, on the side Baked Potatoes salad and my B B Achar.

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