SA vs Aus prediction – Stop whining start winning

The record shows that the Boks are not playing well when they travel to Brisbane. But this has to change as poor defence and a heap of excuses has derailed the Tri-Nations campaign.  

The press are having a field day with of the ball and of the field stuff. The coach’s misinterpreted comments, the team’s bully image and the crumbling (once impeccable) defence are stuff that must be addressed.

My quote for the game: In the movie The Rock with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage, Connery says: “Losers always whine about their “best”! Winners go home and …” (something to do with the prom queen)…. ( Full quote ) .

So,  I say whatever it takes we must be winners again and play them of their feet. Stop whining and just dominate.   

Rugby365 predicts a Springbok victory by more than 10 points.

My call is that  this is a bit brave. I say a ugly win for the Boks… by 5 or less points


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