The best 4×4 trails in SA?

South Africa is one of the best places in the world to experience the wilderness and to do adventurous 4×4 trails.

There has been a lot of  debates at campfires among the SA  4×4 community about the best 4×4 trails in the country.

There are a number of great 4X4 trails in South Africa that are not to be missed. One of note is the Marakele 4×4 Eco Trail, located within Marakele National Park. This is a three day, two night trip that requires existing 4X4 skill and experience due to it’s challenging nature. Anyone who has explored this trail will tell you that it is worth it! The trail is renowned for its beauty and will be a joy for any lover of the bush to explore.

The Boegoeberg Trail is, many claim, one of the best 4X4 trails in South Africa. It boasts spectacular panoramic views, a stone house two and a half kilometers from the base, and a campsite. Routes average a 4 grading. Luxurious facilities are also available.

What’s your call? Do you have a favourite 4×4 trail?


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