Dilemma- What to braai with the rugby omnibus?


This Saturday is a 4 hour rugby omnibus (17h00- 21h00) with the Soweto test (SA vs NZ) and then Province vs The Sharks in Durban.

But this creates a dilemma because most braai need some hands-on time which means that the braai master will miss part of the game.

Here are a few solutions

  1. Get everything ready – The coals must peak at 18h50- Throw steaks on and you will be in time for the second match ( But is not cool to rush a braai)
  2. Let a Lions supporter braai during the Province vs Sharks Game. He probably needs some “me-time” at the fire (joke)
  3. Braai at 16h00 and then just snack through the games…maybe get a pizza at 9… not a good idea
  4. What about a potjie. Time is on your side and after the second match you’ll have a great meal


Here is a Lamb potjie recipe – Must be lamb because there’s more sheep than people in All Black country.

The Recipe: Leg of Lamb in the Potjie

Viva La Rugby-omnibus


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