Luck favours the favourites – Who will have the luck credits next year?

The All Black had amazing Tri-Nations and out played the opposition. They are truly the world’s best side but sometimes luck favours the favourites.

Ja . I know Gary Player said “The more I practice the luckier I am”  and ‘luck favours the prepared’ but if you think about it there was some luck involve.

If you believe in the Balance theory which suggests that everything eventually evens out,  then maybe the Boks have a few luck credits in the bank.

Last year we use up all our luck units and actually went  on overdraft on the luck scoreboard. Think of O’Gara’s brain fart (quote out of John Smit’s book) and no major suspensions or crucial missed calls by the refs.

This year we (The Boks)  had a run of bad luck with yellow cards, suspensions, ref mistakes etc. so we may have a few units of luck (luck credits) that is coming our way.

The All Black are in serious good luck overdraft and their luck units are going to be (hopefully) very little come next’s year’s World Cup.

So let’s hope the luck credits kick in when we need it the most…Whenever that maybe.

For the weekend’s game … “What about some shrimp on the Barbie , Mate”.

Click here for  a few Aussie Shrimp BBQ recipes


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