Green Peppers – You love it or you hate it

A chef once said that there are two kinds of people. Those you love green peppers and those who hate it.

Some argue that bell peppers are the ingredient that completes some recipes and is a very versatile ingredient. Others argue that this is a bombastic ingredient that overshadows all the other ingredients and they just plainly hate it.

One the one hand you have chefs who  say:  “Green peppers have a concentrated grassy flavour that’s close to asparagus, and with their lightly astringent skin, peppers make perfect sides for rich steak, pork, sausages and grilled fish.”

On the other hand (Daren) there is chefs who never serve green pepper as it is deemed to be ‘bitter’ and a ‘mistake’.

What’s your call on this. Are you a green pepper  lover or hater?



One Response to “Green Peppers – You love it or you hate it”

  1. I’m definitely a lover: I stick them in every possible meal, raw or cooked.

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