Back to the basics- T-Bone steak on the braai

It’s back to the basics as we look forward to classic Currie Cup rugby. The Bulls and the WP lock horns on Loftus and the Lions will try to out muscle the Cheetahs. This mouth watering rugby calls for a steak, a big one.

So , back to the braai basics and I think this calls for the so called “man’s steak”. T-Bone steak has been dubbed the  ‘man’s steak’ (no knife is required for eating) and  it is really easy to braai. An added bonus is that your dog will also have ball afterwards as the T-bone bone must be up there in the top 5 of preferred side dishes for dogs.

T-bone steak consists of the smaller fillet part and the larger sirloin piece and really doesn’t need any fancy sauces etc. which makes this piece of meat a gem.

How to braai a T-Bone Steak:

You must have glowing red glowing red coals.

Apply salt and pepper to both sides of the steak, already at room temperature.

Place the meat over the coals to sear, and do not move for 2-3 minutes, depending on the thickness of the cut and how hot the coals are.

Flip the steak and repeat.

On a Webber you can move to the opposte side of the coals and cover the grill to cook the steak to your desired “doneness’.

Covering the BBQ grill briefly will allow you to cook the steak to medium or well done without burning.

Test for doneness with your finger, or thermometer (not needed) .

Recommended wine: Rib Shack Red is made for this kind of meat dish and pairs perfectly with a steak. Try it.  


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