Tips for Aussie cricket fans

For year the rest of the world was at the receiving end of cricket hiddings by the formidable Australians. But the tables have turned as the English have humiliated the Aussies on home soil. It seems that the English (with their South African born armory) will win the Ashes in Aus for the first time since 1986.

The Aussies are in the unfamiliar territory of having a talent shortage and they are struggling to take wickets while their batsmen are not dominating.

So what tips can we give the sport loving Aussie public on dealing with sport disappointments?

My tip is, throw a steak on the Barbie, mate , and talk about the good old days. Alternatively you can talk about other sports which the Aussies are stilling ruling the world i.e. Aussie Rules Footie or Fly Slapping.

Don’t worry , this bad patch will not last to long.

Cheers, mate.


One Response to “Tips for Aussie cricket fans”

  1. Marina Wijne Says:

    The tip of my shoe.

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