Lamb Ribs for the big game’s braai

There are more than 40 million sheep in New Zealand and less than 4.4 million people. That is a 9-1 sheep to person ratio. This implies that the appropriate braai recipe for tomorrow’s World Cup Cricket quarter final must be a lamb recipe

Here is a great New Zealand lamb spare rib braai recipe


Allow 4-6 lamb spareribs per person

For the Marinade/Glaze

  •  3 Tbsp oil
  •  4 Tbsp marmalade
  •  Juice and rind of 4 lemons
  •  Dash Worcestershire sauce
  •  4 Tbsp soy sauce
  •  2 Tbsp tomato sauce


Combine the marinade ingredients in a clean saucepan and warm over a gentle heat until syrupy. Remove from the heat and allow the mixture to cool completely. Marinate the ribs for 1-2 hours. Braaie the spareribs over a moderate heat for 8-10 minutes, or until cooked to your liking, turning frequently and basting with any spare marinade during cooking, to glaze. Serve hot or cold.



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