Karoo Lamb sosaties: The best of both for the big game’s braai


This weekend’s big game  is between the two coastal South African teams , The Sharks and the Stormers.

So what about a Karoo Lamb Curry Sosatie for the braai? This is my best of both regions dish.

Recipe: Curry Lamb Kebabs 


– 500 grams lamb cut into cubes

– 1 onion

– 1 tablespoon of curry powder

– 2 teaspoons of paprika

– 2 tablespoons lemon juice

– 1 tablespoon of chilli powder (optional)

– pinch of salt

– wooden sticks for the kebabs


Start by chopping the onion finely and placing into a mixing bowl. Add the chilli powder with the of curry powder. Add paprika and the lemon juice, mix thoroughly.

Put the lamb squares into the mixing bowl and mix each piece so it is well marinated.

Sprinkle over a little salt and leave the mixing bowl in the fridge over night

Braai it your way!

Source: bonfeu-bbq.com


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