A Super Sosatie for the Super Rugby play-off braai

The Sharks take on the mighty Crusaders in their own backyard for a place in the semi’s. The question is..? ‘What to braai in your own backyard?’ I think a Super lamb (remember there is 10-1 sheep to person ratio in NZ) will be the perfect braai meal.

This sosatie served with a true South African boerewors and maybe a mielie and Bob’s your uncle.

Recommended wine: Château Petrus 2001…joke. Rib Shack Red is the perfect braai wine and goes well with all read meats.

The Super Sosatie Recipe


500g boned shoulder or leg of lamb, cut into 25mm cubes
2 large onions, one sliced into rings, the other chopped finely
50ml olive or cooking oil
4 cloves of peeled and crushed garlic
one tablespoon of curry powder
a teaspoon of tumeric
a tablespoon of brown sugar
4 crushed bay leaves
One tablespoon of lemon juice, plus two lemon cut into small wedges
120ml of meat stock
125g packet of dried apricots
One green pepper cut into blocks the same size as the meat cubes
A good blob of butter
Wooden skewer sticks (you can buy them from most supermarkets)

Instructions on how to make it

Place the meat in a non-metal bowl with the bay leaves at the bottom. Heat the butter in a saucepan and saute the chopped onion, garlic and curry powder for a few minutes.

Add the tumeric, lemon and meat stock, bring to the boil.
As soon as the marinade comes to the boil, pour it over the meat.

Allow to cool and place in fridge overnight.

When ready to cook skewer the meat, apricots, green pepper and onion rings onto the sticks.

Pour the marinade into a saucepan, add a blob of butter and salt and pepper to taste, bring to the boil and serve warm with the sosaties and lemon wedges.

To prepare the sosaties you can either grill them under a very hot grill for about 10 minutes, or braai them over very hot coals, turning them as you go along.

Serve with the lemon wedges and for side dishes you can make a bowl of fluffy white rice, potato salad, baked potato or small jacket potatoes and crispy bread to soak up the sauce.

NOTE: If you like hot food, add more garlic, a few crushed chillies, crushed curry leaves and a sprinkling of peri-peri powder to the marinade.

Source: rainbownation.com

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