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South African Blog Awards- Please vote

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If you like what I’ve done on this blog,  Please vote for me in the SA Blog awards.

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Post Currie Cup Curry potjie

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When you want to entertain large crowds without having to spend hours in the kitchen a ‘potjie’ is your best bet. I came across this delicious mild lamb curry potjie recipe and I’m sure this will be a winter winner meal.


750g x 2 cubed lamb ( you can use half beef and half lamb, but it is nicer if you use only lamb)
4-5 sweet potatoes peeled and cut in large chunks
1 ½ teaspoons ground cumin
1 ½ teaspoons ground coriander seed
1 teaspoon chillie jam
2 teaspoons garam masala
1cm ginger peeled and grated
6 garlic cloves crushed
2 bay leaves
1/4 ground turmeric
1 tablespoon oil
2 onions chopped
800g tin peeled tomatoes

Instructions on how to make it

Liquidize the tin peeled tomatoes in the food processor. Fry the onions in the oil remove the onions. Use the same pot to dry fry the herbs and spices for a moment. Add the onions and the liquidized tomatoes. Add the meat bring to boil. Cook for 1 hour on the stove top with the lid on the pot. If too dry you can add half a cup of water. Add sweet potatoes cook for another hour or till sweet potatoes are tender. The sweet potato thickens the sauce. Eat and enjoy. The mild curry freezes well.


Rib Shack at WineX

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Winex starts tonight at Sandton Convention Centre.
Look for us with the Wellington Wine Route. We’ll be there!

Will you?

In Honour of National Braai Day…some new SA movie names

Posted in Braai, South Africa on October 19, 2011 by ribshackred

In  Honour of National Braai Day…

Here’s  some new SA movie names:

Star  Wors

Tjop Gun – Grillers in The Mist –

Dead  Poet’s Sosatie – Braai School Musical –

The Beer  Hunter – Eat.Braai.Love –

Lambshank  Redemption –

Charcoal  Zulu – Robochop – Happy Meat – Braai Hard –

Message  in a Skottle – Forrest Rump…

and  Braai the Beloved Country.

A few Rugby World Cup look-a-likes

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Braai tip of the day

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Here’s a better way to get a thick, dark crust on a T-Bone steak on a gas grill without charring it.

Bryce’s Wallabies

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The Wallaby team sheet for yesterday’s game

Barrel Braai Winner

Posted in Braai, Competitions on October 5, 2011 by ribshackred

Congratulations to Gerhard Botes.

He is the winner of a Barrel Braai.

Enjoy the braai Gerhard. Hopefully he can braai a few chops (on this braai) while John Smit and the boys beat whoever to bring the Webb Ellis Trophy back home!

Thanks for all the entries and for supporting Rib Shack Red.


Stupidity spoiled the Cake

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A real order conversation:

Bakery Employee:   ‘Hello, this is ABC Bakery, how can I help you?’

Customer: ‘ I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.’

Bakery Employee:  ‘What you want on the cake?’

Customer:  ‘Best Wishes Suzanne’ and underneath that, ‘We will miss you’.