Pumpkin potjie

Get ‘n potjie, make a fire and open a bottle of Rib Shack Red. Here’s a great potjie recipe for those every day braai.


1 mutton rib, sawn into portions

4 onions, chopped

10 baby potatoes

1 medium green pumpkin (‘boerpampoen’, but hubbard squash works well too)

1 cup soy sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp ground cinnamon

25 ml dried mixed herbs

1 shake gravy powder


Brown the mutton and onions in a warm, greased pot until the juice runs from the meat.
Pack the potatoes on top, then add the peeled, cubed pumpkin.
Add the soy sauce. Leave to simmer till the potatoes are done.
Add salt, cinnamon, herbs and gravy powder.
Stir and serve with rice.

Source: food24.com

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